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At my first consultation with Dave, I fully expected to receive some sort of hands on treatment. He explained that he could certainly do that for me, but with my particular problems, including hypermobolity and my profession as a hairdresser, a hands on treatment would only give temporary relief and it would be much more beneficial to teach me how to manage my back pain myself. I have a P/T session with Dave around once a month which is a double bonus as it combines the therapy with fitness.

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Christine Jeffries Physiotherapy

Being a professional golfer myself It is hugely important to stay fit, healthy and supple. Doing this in the wrong way can cause long term or short term injuries. Training with someone like Dave who has an amazing knowledge about the human body, exercise and well being Is massively important. Not only will he push you to your limits to reach your goals, he will do it in a safe, effective and fun way. I have been seeing Dave now for about 9 months and he has helped me transform my lifestyle and thought process ...

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Charlotte Thompson Personal Training

Having been a qualified podiatrist for 4 years, I have set up a great referral pathway with Dave at principle physiotherapy. The feedback from the patients has been amazing and praised Dave’s professionalism, application of knowledge and understanding of patients requirements. My opinion is that Dave has the right philosophy and attitude. I have thoroughly enjoyed our professional relationship and look forward to working with you in the future!

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Jack Kirby Referral Pathway

I was first introduced to Dave, and Principle Physiotherapy, after a knee MCL injury. Dave first acted as physiotherapist to overcome the initial pain and instability and then moved onto rehabilitation. With Dave’s help I was able to pass two high level Karate gradings in one week, not long after the injury! I am now working with Dave as my PT focusing on future injury prevention and stability of areas affected by my hyper mobility. Dave is always professional, knowledgeable, encouraging and enthusiastic with a wide range of ideas to make sessions interesting. Unlike some other PT’s, Dave’s specialist physiotherapy background means I have confidence that the programmes he sets are right for me and not just generic. Highly recommended.

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Chris Lynas Physiotherapy

My 12 year old daughter is idiopathic toe walker and has seen numerous professionals since she was 5 years old. Every practitioner we have seen, including private and NHS has left us disappointed with their lack of belief that Jasmine’s mobility can be improved. After around 6 months seeing Dave, for the first time, she can perform better in her ballet classes, walks without pain and today we have seen such a huge improvement in her mobility we were all over the moon. Dave talks to Jasmine like she is a grown up, reassures her that she can cope with a small amount of discomfort while she works on her exercises, teaches her the difference between pain and discomfort and has given her the encouragement and confidence to consistently practice to improve her movement. I could go on and on – but to say we are so grateful is an understatement. Thank you so much Dave.

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Mel Anderson Physiotherapy

Roughly three years ago I suffered a knee injury playing football. I'd been to countless physio session through the NHS and saw knee specialists, none of which helped. After years of just putting up with the pain, I came across Principle Physiotherapy who were offering Personal Trainer Led Physiotherapy sessions, I decided to give it a try. Now, about 4-5 months later, I cannot recommend them enough! I'm back to playing football and enjoying the sports I love to play. My day to day pain is more or less gone & every day tasks (like walking up and down the stairs) is no longer a mission! It's not just about to getting rid of the injury, but it's about managing it moving forward and they teach you all of this. Worth every penny paid! On-top of this, I decided to continue my training with Principle to ensure my continued progress and fitness levels, but during this we got hit by the Covid-19 Pandemic 🙁 - However ...

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Joe Saddington Physiotherapy

I have been using the virtual service with Dave now for 10 weeks for a fortnightly personal exercise programme. I was looking to get back into exercise following major abdominal surgery but I wanted someone who would be able to give me a programme that worked around my physical limitations. I reached out to Dave after seeing one of his live streams on Facebook and we talked through what I was looking to achieve and I felt very reassured by his approach and experience of rehab post-surgery. Because of lockdown Dave suggested the virtual service and I was initially apprehensive as to how effective this would be but I have been really impressed at how easy and smoothly the sessions have been. I am now back to full physical strength - which when I started was bare minimum - and I am really enjoying the exercise programme to the point where I am asking Dave to incorporate exercises I usually hate! Its been a gradual process but ...

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Sarah Willis Virtual Service

I met Dave at a physio meeting back in April with Achilles heels problems, he said exercise was the key, it’s now September & through physio & personal training I have not only lost over a stone in weight I can now walk in flat shoes with no pain, I just want to say thank you for your support & time in getting me through this painful time & improving my general health, I’m off off on holiday in a weeks time & am looking forward to it, I highly recommend Dave.

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Loraine Burne Physiotherapy
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